Mission, Vision, History

Hardy Telecommunications is a customer-owned provider of communications and information services, committed to innovation, and dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in the communities we serve.

Our Vision

We will be the progressive communications provider of choice, partnering with our communities, offering the most advanced technology at the best value possible, and driven by exceptional customer service.

Our History

On February 11, 1953, Hardy Telephone Company was incorporated in West Virginia as a non-profit cooperative to provide telephone service to its members. Hardy Telephone Company was formed to serve the rural residents and businesses of Hardy County and portions of Grant, Pendleton, and Hampshire counties that were not served.

Equity funds collected from citizens and businesses, a loan from the Rural Electrification Administration (now the Rural Utilities Service), and a contribution by the state of West Virginia provided the necessary capital to construct telephone facilities. The central office was located at Lost River since that was the center of the service area. In 1977, the building housing the central office was expanded and the business office was moved from Mathias to Lost River, where it is presently located on Kimseys Run Road.

Telephone service to subscribers began on July 7, 1957, and at the end of the year there were 280 residential lines and 26 business lines. As of September 2023, there were 5,076 residential lines, 966 business lines, approximately 4,848 internet customers (4,496 with broadband via Hardy OneNet), and approximately 1,900 video customers.

The first board of directors in 1953 consisted of Vance Mathias, president; Virgil A. Ours, vice president; Sloan Parsons, secretary; R.L. Baker, treasurer; Ralph J. Bean; Goodwin Godlove; and Russell May. The present board consists of Greg Zirk, president; Phyllis Cook, vice president; Victoria Dyer, secretary; Harold Michael, treasurer; Ward Malcolm; Gerald Smith; Ervin Wilkins, Jr.; and Reed Williams.  Scott Sherman currently serves as general manager, and Jack Walters is corporate attorney. Read more about our board of directors by clicking HERE.

When service was first started in 1957, eight-party lines were standard. In October 1987, the first digital switch was installed and replaced the mechanical switch. At that time, all lines became one-party and touch-tone.

Equal access for interstate long distance calls was implemented in 1992, allowing every subscriber his/her choice of long distance carriers. The digital switch provided subscribers their choice of intrastate long distance carriers and the newest calling features such as call waiting and caller ID. This allowed Hardy to offer four calling plans for local service. A fiber-optic network was also completed in 1998.

In 2000, Hardy Telecommunications, Inc., added our own long distance to the many services we offer our customers. Additionally, three weather stations allow local residents to get accurate time and weather through a phone call. The Moorefield weather station can be reached at 897-9901, Lost River at 897-9902, and Helmick Rock at 897-9903.

Hardy Telecommunications began installing a new Metaswitch softswitch in 2009. Once fully operational, this new technology will allow Hardy to greatly expand its offerings of calling services and features.

In 1995, Hardy Telephone Company changed its name to Hardy Telecommunications, Inc., and formed a subsidiary, HardyNet, LLC. HardyNet offers local access to the Internet, including broadband service in most areas, for all of Hardy County and portions of Grant, Pendleton, and Hampshire counties.

In 2003, Hardy Telecommunications saw our service area expand to new horizons when it offered telecommunications service to the town of Moorefield in a competitive environment. Hardy also opened a Moorefield branch office at 121 S. Main St.

In 2009, Hardy Telecommunications announced the opening of a new Wardensville office at 345 East Main St., Suite A. HardyNet introduced tiered broadband, offering customers four different choices of Internet connection speeds. HardyNet also began selling personal computers.

In 2010, Hardy Telecommunications received a $31.6 million grant/loan award from the federal government to build Hardy OneNet, the first fiber-to-the-home network in Hardy County. This project, which took years to complete, provides fiber-optic connections directly to consumers’ homes. Fiber-optic technology is the most modern technology in the telecommunications field, capable of providing high-definition digital television, ultra-high-speed Internet access, and digital telephone service through a single connection.

Hardy OneNet marks a major move forward in the evolution of Hardy Telecommunications, as the company became a provider of high-definition digital television. A high-definition television service provides an expanded selection of local content, with stations such as WHSV-TV3 in Harrisonburg and local Hardy channels featuring scenic views and weather and emergency information.

In addition to television, Hardy OneNet offers even faster Internet connection speeds and digital voice service.

Hardy Telecommunications has a strong commitment to providing exceptional customer service, innovation and technology at the best value to our members, all while enhancing the quality of life in the communities we serve. These values are reflected in our Mission and Vision statements above.

In the future, Hardy Telecommunications, Inc., will continue to add new services and technology to meet our customers’ needs. We also will be continuing to expand our service area.

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