Rural Telephone Cooperatives

Rural telephone cooperatives came to life in communities all across the country to provide telephone service to outlying areas deemed not profitable by commercial telephone companies.

Local citizens formed most rural telephone cooperatives, including Hardy Telecommunications, Inc., from grass roots efforts. Cooperatives are democratic organizations by nature, governed by a local board of directors elected by cooperative members. Some cooperatives are formed as “for profit” corporations, and some such as Hardy Telecommunications are nonprofit organizations. Cooperatives play a strong role in the economic development of rural communities.

Cooperatives such as Hardy Telecommunications bring cutting edge telecommunications technology that rivals, and in many cases is superior to services available in urban areas. Hardy Telecommunications is committed to bringing broadband services to our community.

As a rural telephone cooperative, Hardy Telecommunication’s commitment to our community reaches well beyond business. Through grants, donations, scholarships, and community involvement, your cooperative plays a key role in the community.

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