International Calling

Calls to most of the world’s telephones can be made from your phone. Dial “011” + country code + city code + telephone number or dial the operator and give the name of the country you wish to call. Rates and reduced rate periods on calls to other countries differ from those on calls to U.S. points.

If you have chosen Hardy Telecommunications as your long distance carrier, please view our Interstate Long Distance Service Terms and Conditions [PDF].

To place an international call using the “dial-around” method through another carrier other than your regular carrier, you would dial “101” + the carrier’s four-digit access code + “011” +country code + city code + telephone number.

You can find individual country codes at
Click the following links to see our International Rates, in alphabetical order:

Effective June 2, 2022:

International Rates effective 6-2-22 page 1

International Rates effective 6-2-22 page 2

International Rates effective 6-2-22 page 3

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