Toll Free Number

These days toll free telephone numbers can have many benefits for your business or your family.


With a toll-free telephone number from Hardy Telecommunications, the student in your family has the freedom to stay in touch with home. You will have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your loved ones can call anytime! All of your toll-free calls come conveniently on the same bill with your local telephone service.

Truck Drivers

A toll-free number from Hardy Telecommunications is the perfect traveling companion for over-the-road truck drivers. No need to make expensive collect calls. Your family is just a few buttons away. Call from anywhere on any phone. Record keeping is a breeze as well, all your calls come on one bill.


Make it easy for customers to stay in touch with you. A toll free number not only makes that possible, but will give your business added prestige. Get Hardy Long Distance to go along with your new toll-free number and all your calls will be on one monthly statement.

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