Damaged Frontier Line Disrupted Calls

As of 4 a.m. Sunday, Frontier Communications had repaired a damaged cable in Pendleton County that was causing incoming call service disruptions for some Hardy Telecommunications customers.

The problem began Friday when a Frontier line went down in Pendleton County.  Hardy Telecommunications’ network and equipment were working normally, but our customers experienced problems because the Frontier cable is a main route for calls to enter our system from outside our network.  Incoming long distance calls to Hardy customers and some mobile calls were affected by the downed line.  Callers from outside the Hardy network trying to dial local Hardy numbers received a message that all circuits are busy.  With mobile calls, some local-to-local cell phone calls were not connecting because those calls leave the Hardy network and then are routed back to the Hardy network via the route affected by the downed cable.  Local landline calls and outgoing calls were not affected. Hardy does have an alternate route for incoming calls from outside our network, but the downed Frontier line took down almost 80 percent of Hardy’s capacity.  We requested regular updates from Frontier as they worked to correct the problem.  We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience while Frontier replaced their damaged line.

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