OneNet TV Features Upgraded

Hardy OneNet recently upgraded the software that runs our set top boxes. The enhancements include new Program Guide and Menu features, many of which were suggested by customers. Some of the new features include:

  • The ability to view the next Restart program directly by pressing a button on the pop-up window displayed when the playback of the currently viewed program finishes. Previously, this required exiting entirely out of Restart and going back a second time in the Program Guide. This feature is especially helpful when programs run longer than intended, such as a sporting event.
  • A new “Airings” button that displays a list of all future airings of a programs with the same Program Guide information on the same channel. This can now be found as a selection after pressing the Information button on a program’s listing in the Program Guide.
  • A “Play Next” button that allows a customer to watch the next episode in a series of recordings. If you have multiple episodes of a series recorded, now you have the option of clicking a button to watch the next episode after the currently watched episode ends. Previously, you had to return to the DVR main menu and manually find the next episode.
  • Series folders in your DVR menu. If you have multiple episodes of the same series recorded, these are now all located in a single folder with the series’ title, rather than all being listed individually.
  • The ability to delete several DVR recordings at once. This managing capability allows you to check multiple recordings in the DVR menu, then delete them all at the same time. While in your list of DVR recordings, you can press the green button to “Manage” your recordings. Then you can check several recordings and delete them in one step. Deletion is the only available action at this phase.
  • The ability to erase digits and enter new ones. When entering digits into the guide, it is possible to erase digits and enter new ones provided it is done quickly.
  • A new DVR menu item to display the list of recordings automatically deleted, in order to facilitate the customer in deleting them to clear series lists.
  • Expanded DVR menu sorting options: You can now view recorded programs or programs scheduled to record arranged by title, date, size, or channel.

These are only a few of the new and enhanced features now available with Hardy OneNet TV. We currently are working to expand OneNet’s Restart capabilities and will release more information when available. We hope you enjoy the new and improved Hardy OneNet TV!

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