Youth Board To Serve Another Year

Hardy County’s harsh winter and its major snowstorms wreaked havoc with Hardy Telecommunications’ Youth Advisory Board meetings this school year.

As a result, the students currently serving on the board have been asked to return next year for another term, and all have agreed.

Hardy’s 2009-10 Youth Advisory Board: (Front row, left to right): Garrett Keller, Tyler Bradfield; (Back row, left to right): Mary Mumford, Tori Burdette, Tressa Parker, Ashley Dove

“We were forced to cancel half of our meetings because of the snow,” said Hardy Marketing/Human Resource Director Derek Barr.  “We work on a pretty tight schedule to avoid conflicts with other school and extracurricular activities, so rather than shortchange the students, we invited them back next year.”

Youth Board members typically serve one-year terms, but the six current members will return for another term.  The Youth Advisory Board includes one student each from 9th, 10th, and 11th grades from East Hardy and Moorefield high schools. Hardy temporarily will expand the board from six to eight members by adding two new members from next year’s freshman class.

Hardy Youth Board members learn about the company and the industry while sharing their thoughts about the future of telecommunications.

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