Frontier Fiber Cut Affecting Phone Calls

A cut Frontier fiber cable in Pendleton County has been disrupting calls for Hardy Telecommunications and other carriers in the area.  Frontier crews located the problem early Thursday afternoon and are now working to repair it.  A tree fell on an electric power line, and that line then came into contact with Frontier’s fiber cable, burning through it.  The cut is located in the Oak Flat area of Pendleton County about six miles outside of Hardy Telecommunications’ territory.  That route is the main route for telephone calls entering and leaving the area, and the cut is affecting both landline and cellular carriers.  Hardy Telecommunications does have an alternate route for telephone calls, but that route does not have the same capacity as the route affected by the Frontier fiber cut.  That is why some calls are able to connect but others are not.  We have requested regular updates from Frontier on the status of the repair.  We apologize for this problem and appreciate your patience while Frontier crews repair their fiber cable.

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