Hardy Making Robocall Blocking Features Available For Free

Hardy Telecommunications will make free for Hardy customers two calling features that help screen robocalls. The two features, Telemarketer Block and Anonymous Call Rejection, will be available free starting February 3. Customers who already subscribe to the features will have the charge removed from future bills. Customers can call customer service at our office to request the features and get instructions about how to use them.

Anonymous Call Rejection automatically routes incoming calls marked as Private or Non-published to an announcement. The announcement indicates that the customer does not accept private calls.

Telemarketer Block requires callers to press another number in order to complete the call. The caller will hear an announcement prompting them to press another number to enable the call to go through.

Please keep in mind that these features, when enabled, are active for all incoming calls, so wanted calls also can be blocked. Customers should familiarize themselves with the features to ensure proper use.

If you are interested in getting the Telemarketer Block and Anonymous Calling features for free, please call our office at 304-897-9911 on or after February 3.

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