HardyNet Email Restored

UPDATE: HardyNet email should now be restored. At 5:48 a.m. Sunday, NeoNova posted the following update: “At this time our NeoNova Engineers and Zimbra Engineers have restored mail services.  Webmail and mail client access have returned to working normally.  Any mail sent during this outage period has been spooling and will be delivered promptly, however, users will see delays in reception of mail as queues start to clear out.  We will monitor our Zimbra platform for any issues that may arise, so they are addressed as quickly as possible. We do appreciate your patience as we have worked through this outage, and again deeply apologize of the inconvenience and scope of this outage. An RFO will be provided, once the two teams have completed the review of the Zimbra 8.7.1 upgrade and the resulting LDAP authentication issues.UPDATE: At 11:08 p.m., NeoNova posted the following update: “NeoNova and Zimbra engineers have completed the build of the new LDAP authentication server. Waiting on data sync process to complete to begin testing phase. We will provide another update as soon as the server is in production.”

No email was lost during the service outage. All email will be delivered, but as the update explained, there might be delays in reception as Zimbra mail queues clear out. We will be talking to NeoNova to determine the exact cause of this outage and what steps have been taken to ensure that it has been corrected. HardyNet apologizes for the inconvenience.


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