Hardy Crews Working To Repair Lines Damaged By Ice Storm

Hardy Telecommunications crews have been working to repair damaged and fallen lines due to the ice storm. In most cases electrical lines also are involved. Before Hardy crews can perform their repairs, the electric company crews must complete their repairs and declare the area safe for Hardy workers. This might involve additional electrical line repairs in other areas before an area is deemed safe, due to lines being connected. Once Hardy has that clearance, we are dispatching crews to repair locations as soon as possible.

Many Hardy Telecommunications remote sites also have been without power for days. These remote units are designed to run on batteries or generators if electric power is lost. With the length of the power outages, those batteries are running low and generators are running out of fuel. We have crews traveling to multiple locations with a portable generator and/or fuel to either recharge the remote batteries or refuel the generators.

Individual homes with Hardy OneNet fiber-optic service also might be experiencing service outages due to their battery back-up units running out. Unlike copper cable service, fiber-optic service requires electrical power. Hardy installs battery back-up units in each home to keep telephone service running if electrical power is lost, but these back-up units are only designed to maintain voice service for about eight hours. After that time, Hardy OneNet services will stop working. Once electrical power is restored, Hardy OneNet service also will be restored and your battery back-up unit will recharge. To read our complete Hardy OneNet Battery Back-Up Power Notice, please click HERE.

Please be assured that we are dispatching crews to repair damages as soon as we have clearance for safety from the electric company.

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