Beware of Scam Emails Impersonating HardyNet

Beware of scam emails! If you receive an email that purports to be from HardyNet, please review it carefully. We’ve been made aware of several scam emails posing as HardyNet being sent to Hardy customers. Unfortunately, there is no way to completely stop fake emails. Such scams come in all shapes and sizes, but usually a careful check will quickly reveal the email to be fake. Look carefully at the email address of the sender, not just the name. If the email asks you to click a link, hover your cursor over the link without clicking to see the link address. If the link does not correspond to a valid HardyNet site, that’s another sign of a scam. Look for misspellings and grammatical errors. Scammers often count on you not taking the time to fully read the email. If the sender’s name is something that you’ve never seen from Hardy Telecommunications or HardyNet before, that’s yet another sign that it’s most likely a scam email. Under no circumstances should you click on a link or input personal information into such an email. The scammer is trying to get you to provide confidential personal information or else open your computer so that they can infiltrate it and gain access to your information and files. If you ever have a question about any correspondence purported to come from Hardy Telecommunications or HardyNet, please call us at 304-897-9911 or 304-530-5000 to verify.

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