Hardy, CVB Partner To Pay Student Admissions To Game

All Hardy County K-12 students who request a ticket from their school will receive free admission to the upcoming Hardy Bowl high school football game in Moorefield, courtesy of Hardy Telecommunications and Capon Valley Bank.

The two local businesses also paid all student admissions to last year’s Hardy Bowl when Moorefield traveled to East Hardy. The process is slightly different this year as students who request them will be issued tickets that must be presented at the gate to receive free admission.

“This was something that Capon Valley Bank initiated last year and we joined in,” said Derek Barr, Hardy Telecommunications’ director of customer service and sales, marketing and human resources. “We both wanted to do the same thing this year. We are switching to the student tickets because Moorefield High asked for a different way to track the number of student admissions.”

The game will take place Friday, October 12, at Moorefield. Kick-off is scheduled for 7 p.m.

Students who wish to obtain free admission must request a ticket from their respective school. Tickets have been issued to each school in the county. Students can ask their teachers or go to the office to get a ticket. Only K-12 students with valid tickets will be given free admission.

“We want all students to enjoy the game, but in order for us to get a proper count, students must have a valid ticket to get in free,” Derek said.

Alan Brill, president of Capon Valley Bank, said the two businesses are partnering in the promotion to encourage all Hardy County students to support their teams.

“Hardy Telecommunications and Capon Valley Bank are both business partners with East Hardy High, but the free admission is open to all Hardy County students from kindergarten to 12th grade,” he said. “The Hardy Bowl is a countywide event, and we want to help all students participate. We look forward to a great game and wish good luck to both teams.”

Capon Valley Bank, a subsidiary of Highlands Bankshares, is a community-oriented neighborhood bank dedicated to serving local customers since July 1918. It has branches in Wardensville, Moorefield, and Baker in West Virginia and in Gore and Stephens City in Virginia.

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