Hardy Releases Responsive Website

HardyNet has released a redesigned website at hardynet.com that optimizes itself depending on how a user accesses it: by personal computer, tablet or mobile phone.

“This reflects the ever-evolving world of the internet,” said Derek Barr, Hardy’s director of customer service and sales, marketing and human resources. “Google now affects companies’ search results according to whether their websites conform to different devices. Many people today don’t use computers at all; they only use tablets or phones to access the internet. Our new website appears differently on different devices to give the user the most accommodating experience.”

Email, E-Care and Hardy Voice Connect (voicemail) log-ins are still found in the upper right section of a person’s screen, no matter what device the person is using. However, the actual button to those log-ins might appear either as a plus sign surrounded by a circle or a set of white bars against a black square background. The difference is determined by what device is accessing the website – and in the case of a tablet, the look changes in horizontal vs. vertical view.

“Our hope is that once users visit the new site and start accessing it in different ways, they’ll enjoy the optimized views and easier navigation with the new site,” Derek said.

Hardy’s responsive website was designed by JCI (jcimedia.com), a design company located in Winchester, Va.


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