HardyNet Making Changes To Software Repair Policy

HardyNet will be making changes to its Computer Software Repair Policy effective January 1, 2020.

Diagnostic: A 30-minute diagnostic examination for any current HardyNet customer will cost a minimum charge of $30. If the device can be repaired in that initial 30-minute time frame, no additional charges will be made to the customer. Any software repair requests that take longer than 30 minutes to complete, as well as any non-HardyNet customer software repair requests, will be charged per the rates listed below:

Software Clean-Up: $60 minimum charge for one hour; $60 per hour for each additional hour

Computer Software Restore: $99 charge

Trip Charge (HardyNet technician travels to customer’s location): $50 fee residential; $57 business

A trip charge will be assessed in each instance where a HardyNet technician is required to visit a customer’s location.

Networking Charge (Connecting multiple computers): $110 fee per hour

These charges are necessary because of the high number of requests we have for computer software repair. We appreciate your patience, as our technicians work diligently to try to get through the number of requests as quickly as possible.

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