Customer Information Needed To Continue EFT Transactions

Hardy Telecommunications is in the process of changing to a new provider to process automatic account payments. Because of this change, we need updated customer information for conducting electronic fund transfers (EFT) for automatic bank account withdrawals. We are asking all customers who currently pay their accounts through automatic bank account withdrawals to call our office at either 304-897-9911 or 304-530-5000 as soon as possible. This applies only to customers who have EFTs deducted from bank accounts, NOT customers who pay automatically through credit card charges. We will be publicizing this through many channels, including our website, email and Facebook; however, we ask that you please do not send any of your EFT information through our website, email or Facebook. For security purposes, we ask that you call our office directly and speak to one of our customer service representatives in our office. You also can stop in at one of our offices to give the information (121 South Main St. in Moorefield; 2255 Kimseys Run Road in Lost River; and 345 East Main St., Suite A in Wardensville).

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