Customers Who Haven’t Received January Bills Asked To Call Hardy Offices

We are aware that numerous customers have not received their bills due to a delay with the United States Postal Service. Our bills were mailed on time. We use a third-party billing service from Illinois, and our bills are sent out from there. We have verified that our bills have been mailed per our usual schedule. If you have not yet received your January bill, we ask that you please contact us as soon as possible. We can tell you the amount due and arrange payment. We are not charging late fees for January payments not made in a timely fashion, but we do ask customers to call us and arrange payment. Again, we stress that our bills were mailed on time, and we cannot control such long delays with U.S. Mail as the Postal Service has been experiencing.

We have various payment methods available that don’t require mailing or a visit to our offices:

  • We accept payments by phone. Simply call one of our offices at 304-897-9911 or 304-530-5000.
  • Customers can pay online by credit card with our E-Care service through our website at Through E-Care, customers also can be set up to receive their bills online, eliminating the need for paper bills through the U.S. Mail. We strongly suggest that customers sign up for this option.
  • Customers can be set up for automatic withdrawal. Call our offices for details.
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