Email Feature Added To Website

The new HardyNet Lightbox email form

Hardy Telecommunications is seeking updated email contact addresses, and to help with that goal, we’ve added a Lightbox form feature to our Hardy website homepage.

When you visit our homepage, a web form will appear in the center of the page after a brief delay. The form has a field for email, first name and last name. You can enter your information and click Submit to complete the form. Completing the form doesn’t obligate you to anything; it’s simply a way for us to ensure that we have your current email contact address. We might send you special announcements, offers or Tech Tips from time to time, but please be assured that we don’t share this information with any other party. (If you haven’t checked out our new Tech Tips page yet, please do so by clicking this link: HardyNet Tech Tips.)

You don’t have to enter your information at all in the form. You can use the “X” in the top right corner of the form to exit and close it without recording any information.

The form doesn’t appear every time you visit our homepage. If you exit out of it, it shouldn’t appear again for weeks.

We appreciate your cooperation in helping us collect current email contact information!

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