Hardy Seeking Internet Speed Information From Nearby Areas

Broadband WV and Hardy Telecommunications are interested in bringing broadband access to more West Virginia communities through fiber-optics.

Broadband WV and Hardy Telecommunications are committed to improving broadband access for West Virginians. We believe everyone should have access to modern, affordable broadband, regardless of whether you live in an urban or rural area. Absent some outside source of funding, it is practically impossible for a non-profit cooperative like Hardy Telecommunications to expand its network and service territory into neighboring areas. By providing information about broadband speeds in your area, you might help Broadband WV and local providers like Hardy Telecommunications obtain federal funding for projects that will expand broadband to more residents in the Potomac Highlands.

We’d like your feedback on the need for broadband expansion in Grant, Hampshire, and Hardy counties. Please visit broadbandwv.crowdfiber.com to register and let us know if you need faster internet in your area! (Please note that this does not obligate anyone for service nor does it mean that Hardy will be able to expand into any new areas. It simply allows Broadband WV and Hardy Telecommunications to gather information that might be helpful in securing funding for possible future projects.)

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