Local Data Added To Weather Channel

Weather-Channel-App-LogoHardy Telecommunications has upgraded its Weather Channel broadcast (OneNet channels 0002 and 1002) to include local information from Hardy County, including the popular “Local on the 8’s” format. “Local on the 8’s” provides the latest weather information for the Moorefield area at the 8-minute mark throughout the hour – for example, 12:08, 12:18, 12:28, etc. In addition, updated information for Moorefield, Baker, Wardensville, and Mathias streams continuously across the bottom of the screen on the Weather Channel on a rotating basis. This streaming information covers current temperature, forecast, and other weather data, such as any storm watches and warnings. The “Local on the 8’s” covers Moorefield because that is where Hardy’s main TV equipment is located.

“We upgraded our equipment to allow the streaming of weather information for areas throughout Hardy County,” said Becky Kimble, Hardy fiber-to-the-home project coordinator. “We continue to work to provide content with a local focus to our OneNet TV customers. Along with our streaming weather and scenic cameras from Helmick Rock and Brighton Park (OneNet channels 0910 and 0909, respectively), this enhanced Weather Channel broadcast really gives our viewers an informative look at the surrounding weather. We hope to add still more weather and scenic cameras from other areas around Hardy County.”

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