Hardy OneNet’s TV signal might be affected briefly in early October by sun outages. A sun outage is an interruption or distortion of geostationary satellite signals caused by solar radiation. The problem occurs when the sun is in direct line with a communication satellite and the sun’s radiation overwhelms the satellite signal. In the Northern Hemisphere, sun outages typically occur in late September or early October after the September equinox and in late February or early March before the March equinox. For 2022, sun outages are expected October 5-12, give or take a day or two. Sun outages are common and can be expected at these particular times of year. During the day from about 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. is the most common time for fall sun outages to occur. A sun outage can last for several minutes, during which time your TV signal may experience interference with picture and/or sound quality. Typically, sun outages last anywhere from two minutes to almost 11 minutes. The channels affected depend on which satellites are being impacted by the solar radiation and what channels OneNet receives from those satellites. Sun outages do not affect Internet or telephone service.

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