Downed Frontier Lines Affecting Hardy

We are aware that some Hardy Telecommunications customers have experienced problems making and receiving long distance calls.  The problem is outside of the Hardy network.  We have been in contact with Frontier Communications in Elkins about the issue.  Frontier is aware of the problem, which was first reported at 12:41 a.m. Wednesday.  The issue is related to Hurricane Sandy and the resulting rain and snow, which have caused telephone and power outages because of downed lines throughout West Virginia.  Frontier is dealing with multiple lines being down, including all circuits from Elkins to Franklin and a leg of fiber from Elkins to Clarksburg.  Some calls enter and leave the Hardy network through these paths, which is why some long distance calls to and from Hardy customers are affected.  Calls within the Hardy network should be largely unaffected.  Hardy Telecommunications is rerouting outbound long distance calls in an attempt to avoid downed lines, but of course the effects of Hurricane Sandy have resulted in many circuits being jammed across several states.  Hardy has no control over the routing of incoming long distance calls.  We are in regular contact with Frontier as they work on the problem, but at this time Frontier has no time frame for when the circuits will be repaired.  We will provide further information as soon as it is available.

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