Hardy Telephone Circuit, Service Restored

UPDATE: One of our circuits has been restored, so calls should be able to be completed at this time. If a call doesn’t go through, please try again in case there is a capacity issue on the circuit. We still continue to press our upstream provider for restoration of the other circuit, but calls now are being completed on the working circuit.

ORIGINAL POST: Hardy Telecommunications is experiencing a partial telephone service outage right now affecting both of our circuits. We have redundant circuits to outside carriers, but both are down right now. This is highly unusual; in fact, we don’t recall this happening before. The problem is not with Hardy Telecommunications equipment. This problem might affect both local and long distance calls, but not necessarily. The determining factor is how a call is routed. That depends on the caller number and the called number. We have trouble tickets in with our upstream providers. If we can get at least one of the circuits restored, calls could complete according to capacity on that one circuit. We are working feverishly to get the circuits restored and will provide updates when we get new information.

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